In today’s age, it can be easy to forget how many complex machinations are at work at all times to keep us comfortable. Many of us use cell phones on a daily basis but can’t recall having seen a cell tower, wi-fi has become so widespread that we expect internet access even in a plane flying miles up in the air, and we’re quick to get frustrated with computers that take more than two seconds to buffer a short video. The mechanisms behind these complicated pieces of technology are hidden out of view and thus taken for granted. And so with your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system, hidden away in the walls of your home.

Your HVAC system is a complex network of appliances and equipment with a laundry list of maintenance requirements and potential issues. Here at Gough Heating and Air Conditioning, we have more than fifty years of experience working with every facet of these systems, and we aim to put that experience to work to service the full range of installation, replacement, maintenance, and repair needs that you might have.

Duct Cleaning

Over time, dust and grime will accumulate in the ductwork in your home. Normally, it stays in the ducts and doesn’t pose a risk. However, the EPA recommends duct cleaning in certain circumstances, such as vermin infestation, mold growth, and excess dust clogging the vent and actually escaping into your home. Gough Heating and Air Conditioning can help you identify whether your home has these issues and needs duct cleaning.

Cleaning ducts can be a risky venture though, especially if you take on a less experienced service provider, as the EPA says that a technician not following guidelines can make the problem worse than it was to begin with, releasing dust into your home and damaging your equipment. Our duct-cleaning system will give you the best cleaning service while avoiding those potential risks, and we even offer additional disinfectant cleaning as an optional add-on.

Air Conditioning

One of the most obvious and most important contributing factors to a comfortable home in Chicagoland is having a well-functioning air conditioner to keep you cool in those hot and humid summer months. And when it comes to air conditioning, it’s hard to beat Ruud, the brand that has won numerous awards including  being named Consumer Report’s “Most Reliable Brand” in the industry. We carry a complete range of models, varying by size, power settings, energy efficiency, and price point. The Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating (SEER) ranges from 13 up to 20, so you can choose for yourself whether you want to invest in a more powerful model or one which will save you money on energy bills in the long term. No matter which one you choose though, Gough will support you the whole way: our certified technicians have been installing, maintaining, and repairing air conditioning units for decades, so you can be sure your unit will be well taken care of and will last you many years to come.


Among the most essential functions that your HVAC system serves is keeping your home nice and warm during those frigid winter months. Your furnace is a complicated piece of machinery, and there’s a lot that can go wrong—issues with gas pressure regulators, malfunctioning pilot lights and ignition controls, and various other mechanical problems. These are issues that require a trained professional to resolve them, one who knows how to work on your furnace safely and without voiding the warranty. The experts at Gough are just those professionals.

Our technicians are trained to work on all brands of equipment. We also offer regular maintenance services, and stock all the “hottest” brands if you decide to get your furnace replaced, whether it’s because the old one breaks or you just want better energy efficiency.

Air Cleaners

The EPA has named indoor air pollution one of the top environmental health concerns, with indoor air containing 100 times more pollutants per cubic foot than outdoor air. These pollutants lead to all sorts of health issues, from triggering allergies to causing the development of asthma.

A whole-house air cleaner is the only way to sufficiently rid your home of this pollution and protect the health of you and your family, and we provide the best in air cleaner installation. We offer a selection of brands to fit your particular needs, but our most popular models are the Aprilaire cleaners, including their electronic air cleaners, which for years have been the top-rated model for air cleaners. These air cleaners capture the most pollutants and are relatively easy to maintain.

Our technicians are trained in installation and maintenance of all these air cleaner models, and we even stock replacement filters which you can switch out yourself or have put in during routine maintenance visits.


Your air can be clean and the right temperature, but if the humidity is off you won’t be able to get comfortable. Air that’s too dry can cause irritation of the throat and nasal passages, dry skin, and chapped lips. Especially in the winter, your furnace can dry out your air too much and cause these problems, as well as dry out your wooden furniture and flooring, making it crack.

Small portable humidifiers may seem like a good quick fix this problem, but they’re a patch insufficient to treat the issue. A more ideal solution is a whole-home humidifier. These run with more efficient energy consumption, give you complete coverage throughout your home rather than just individual rooms, and are easier to maintain since they don’t need to be constantly filled with water.

As with all the other equipment we service, our technicians are fully trained to install and perform maintenance on a full range of brands of humidifier, and can provide filters as well that we’ll switch out for you during routine maintenance visits.

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