Reliable HVAC Service in Machesney Park, IL

Gough Heating and Air Conditioning has provided HVAC service in Machesney Park for over 60 years. Our company is loyal to this region and strives to uphold a reputation for honesty, exceptional workmanship and fair prices. You can depend on us to continually maintain exceptional air quality in your Machesney Park home.

HVAC Services Available in Machesney Park

Homes in the village need many HVAC technologies to enjoy exceptional indoor air quality. We specialize in installing and repairing everything your home needs.

Duct Cleaning in Machesney Park

Dust, debris and allergens build up in your ducts over time. Our team will thoroughly clean your ducts to help your family breathe easier.

Air Purifiers in Machesney Park

Concerned the air isn’t as clean in your home as it could be? We’ll provide helpful guidance to choose and install the best air purifiers for your home.

Humidifiers in Machesney Park

Keep the dry Midwest air from infiltrating your home and making you itch. We’ll set you up with the ideal humidity balance for comfort in our region.

Air Conditioner Repair and Installation in Machesney Park

We all know how brutal Machesney Park summers can be. We’ll optimize your system to give your home the best defense from the Midwest heat.

Furnace Repair and Installation in Machesney Park

We installed many of the furnaces in newly built homes in this region. We’ll continue the tradition with the latest home heating technology.

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Brands We Sell and Install

Why Machesney Park Chooses Gough Heating and Air Conditioning

Our company has served Machesney Park for more than half a century, and we don’t plan on stopping anytime soon. We love the family atmosphere of the village. It’s full of people who want to settle down in comfortable homes where they can raise their kids. Our family-owned business is like that, too.

We’re not about selling you subpar HVAC equipment and haphazardly installing it to make a quick buck. Instead, we want to have a long-term relationship with your family that is built on trust and excellent service.

The relationship begins with an honest assessment of your air quality needs. It continues with helping you understand your best HVAC equipment options. We earn your trust with equipment installation that looks great and functions even better. And the relationship gets sweeter with time as we’re always there for ongoing maintenance and emergency repairs.

Your family wants many comfortable years in Machesney Park. Our company wants to help you keep warm in the winter, stay cool in the summer and breathe easier all year round. That’s what we mean when we say our mission is to bring you a whole new degree of comfort!

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Want quality HVAC service at a fair price from a company that will be loyal to your family? Contact Gough Heating and Air Conditioning today! Our owner David Gough will happily come to you for a free estimate.