A Loves Park HVAC Company You Can Always Rely On

Why should you choose Gough Heating and Air Conditioning as your HVAC company? The answer is simple: We’re dog people! Not only do we love our dogs and feature them in our commercials, but they’re also our company’s spirit animals. Like a good dog, we’re the most loyal, determined and friendly company you can choose for your continual comfort.

Our family-owned business has served Loves Park, IL, and the surrounding region for over 60 years. We love this region and work hard to provide its residents with top-quality HVAC replacement, repair and maintenance services, including:

Loves Park residents count on us to stay up to date on the latest industry best practices. We always make things easy for them and provide trustworthy guidance, which is why we have so many long-term customer relationships.

Dogs in an HVAC company truck
Pictures of Gough Heating and Air Conditioning in the 1960s and present day
Our company still operates out of the same building we started at back in the 1960s.

Loyal to Loves Park Since 1964

The Gough family business began when most of the homes in our region were built: the housing boom of the 1960s. Our founder, Dave W. Gough had a passion for quality HVAC systems and wanted to equip these new homes for proper air regulation. Our company installed the initial ductwork, furnaces and AC units in a lot of these homes.

The housing boom eventually subsided, but our commitment to the Loves Park area only grew stronger. We shifted our focus from new homes to providing maintenance and repair services for the homes we’d first equipped. As a result, we developed deep, ongoing customer relationships, many of which continue to this very day!

Determined to Meet Your Needs

Our long-term commitment to serving Winnebago County has required us to frequently adapt to the region’s changing needs. We have always done so with passionate determination. When new housing developments sprung up, our team set them up for success. When the housing market downturned, we turned our attention to maintenance and repair. In short, we’re whatever this region needs us to be for its maximum in-home comfort.

What sets us apart at Gough Heating and Air Conditioning is we keep things simple. We only provide HVAC services and don’t branch into any other industries because we’d rather be leading experts at one thing than only pretty good at several things. Because we don’t stretch ourselves too thin, you can rely on us for in-depth knowledge and precise execution to solve your HVAC problems.

As you might imagine, our industry is constantly changing with advances in technology. The newest furnaces and AC units require smartphone and Wi-Fi integration to work properly. We stay up to date on how all that works so you don’t have to. Our expert technicians will simplify everything for you so that you can relax and enjoy your comfortable home!

Friendly Service to Make Your Life Easier

Dave W. Gough built this company on the foundation of friendly service and passed it down to his son David A. Gough. More than 60 years later, the principle continues to be our chief selling point.

What does friendly service look like? It looks like a careful home inspection to determine the best system for your home when you request a free estimate. It also looks like taking the time to answer your questions and taking great care to install units that both look and function great. Moreover, we go above and beyond to handle all paperwork for your unit to make things as easy as possible for you.

As our customer, we don’t just consider you a friend but a member of the Gough family. Therefore, you can always expect warm and attentive service.

David Gough works at a desk
David Gough and our team work hard to bring you the best HVAC service.

What Our Customers Are Saying

Your HVAC Company for Lifelong Comfort

We’re the HVAC company Loves Park and the surrounding region can rely on even as circumstances change and new technologies emerge. You can trust us to always have the latest industry expertise and provide the same excellent customer service whenever you call.

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